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Top Reasons why your Tap is Leaking or not Working

Top Reasons why your Tap is Leaking or not Working

  1. Tap washer needs replacement

The most common reason is that your tap washer needs replacement.  Due to the frequent use of the tap the washer or cartridge needs to be replaced.  There are different types of washers you can use to help with this issue:

  • Soft turn vales
  • Delaware tap vales more for frequently used taps
  • Duro tap valves more for commercial and industrial use
  • Sealtite tap valves for people with issues tightening their taps e.g. arthritis
  1. Valve seat is damaged or needs to be machined.

In this case a plumber would need to reset the valve seat.  This is a process that should be completed by a professional who needs to measure the depth of the seat to ensure that there is no over cutting.

We would need to have a clean flat even surface for the washer to sit and seal correctly.

  1. Damaged fiber washers.

This is very common and we would need to pull the tap apart and remove the failed component as well as inspecting other possible issues that may also cause a leak.

      4. Spindle O ring break

If there is any kind of physical damage to the O ring in the spindle this also can cause a small leak from the tap. This means the Internal O ring is a secondary seal that is in place to ensure your taps works correctly.

  1. Pressure from mains exceeding the manufacturer recommendation

This will cause a stoppage point in the sewer drainage systems and start backing up waste from flowing through its natural path.

A good plumber should start by checking if there are signs of similar issues through out the house.  It is possible to reduce the pressure to work within the manufacturer’s specification.  When purchasing a new set of taps there will always be a specification of what KPA the taps work best at.

Its always best to get our professional plumbers to check all aspects to ensure that you do not have any further issues or surprises.

Most clients have attempted to change their washers and still have faced issues with their taps leaking.

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